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UD-Remote keylogger

Posted by sooraj chandran on Sunday, 3 July 2011

UD-Remote keylogger back

needed softwares are
1.Remotekeylogger -Download
2.Postbuild.exe -Download
3.Need drivehq account
4.file sharing account


NOTE: keylogger found by many antivirus so stop ur Av's up to we can build the server
Install the keylogger and crack it,click on Remote installation in the task bar

Then create an server by clicking next next next at the Control section click the FTP instead Email

2nd part

then at the ftp
then at folder-/logs
ur user name,password
click next u build it
this Server is detected by many antiviruses,take a look at virus scan at

Next we have to build the Server file with the encrypter ie postbuild.exe,open the postbuild.exe,add the file,next click the aggressive mode and apply and click the Xenocode application,image below

3rd part

Then successfully u build the application ,the Encrypted file is tested in see

You r successfully bypass the antivirus,the important is Rename the file,and change the icon,
The antiviruses it bypassed are
Next u have to upload the file in an file sharing site,eg,
Next is the important step,create an account in
In the storage section create an folder name called Logs

Thats it try the victim to download the file ie builded server,as u wish eg sending link through email,or u itself install them in victim pc

Finally each 5 mins the full session of logs ie the keys pressed by victim is sent through ur ftp account including Emails passwords chats

Open the Logs file and get all the passwords chats pictures from ur victim

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