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Protect ur Facebook privacy...?

Posted by sooraj chandran on Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Hello Friends, There is no doubt that Now a days every user is a facebook user. Everyone has its own facebook ID. Difference is only that someone shares his facebook ID and some not. Facebook is most popular medium now -a -days.. So risks are also increases related to facebook. All people like friends, enemies,
h@ckers, cr@ckers,anyone are keep eye on facebook ID. So there is always a major concern that how can I protect my privacy on facebook...? Even you cant believe on facebook that it keeps your privacy secure in future. So Facebook have an important security that only rare people knows. Here is a solution. 1. Login into your Facebook Account . 2. Go to accounts-account settings 3. You will get a window as shown below.Select facebook ads on that window 4. Now click on Edit third party ad settings. 5. In the following window appeared,just select "If we allow this in the future, show my information to" no one " .  6. Now click on the button Save changes.You are done! Now you are protecting your privacy and facebook also cant do anything about your privacy. Because Privacy is most important in social networking.

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