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Download SEnuke X v2.2.22 to increase site traffic

Posted by on Monday, 28 November 2011

Are you fed up with spending time and money to raise your exposure in Google? Did you try many ping services and affliate programs but all in vein? Here is the best ever tool SEnuke X v2.2.22 . This software is specially developed in accordance with google pagerank policies and webmaster analytics. It will raise your page rank and bring more visitors to your site. Who don't want this? Just download and surprise your competitors by your rank.

The features are

Much faster, better looking, more organized
SEnuke X has been completely re-written from scratch in a brand new technology. This has allowed us to do things that were technically impossible with the previous version of SEnuke. The user interface has been completely re-designed and the software is now based on a central database, so no longer do you need to move files around!

Newbie friendly step-by-step wizard
Easy yet powerful. That was the software we were visualizing when we dreamed about SEnuke X a few years ago. And we've achieved just that! You don't need to watch a single video or help file to get started. Just answer a few simple questions and press Finish! Of course plenty of training videos are included.

Diagram your exact promotion strategy
You can diagram exactly how you’d like the various modules connected to each other and press "Finish" to let SEnuke X bring it to life! If you don't know of a good strategy, just pick one from the pre-loaded templates.
Schedule submissions for weeks and walk away from your computer

Set it up once and take a trip to Hawaii and its gonna do everything on its own! If it ever crashes, it will auto-resume from where it left off. You can configure the scheduler to submit a varying number of sites each day to keep things looking natural.

New indexing, press release and forum profile modules
In the blazing fast never-before-seen forum profile module, users can enter their own lists of forums that no one else is building links from! SEnuke X supports most of the major forum platforms on the Internet. It also comes with a ton of sites built-in.

Once the links are built, the indexer module sends them off to our priority network of high PR blogs to make sure the links get indexed and receive the credit they deserve!

Fully Compatible With Google's Latest Changes in 2011
As you can probably tell by the success stories above, SEnuke X is fully compatible with Google's latest changes! No matter what your niche is: dog training, weight loss or any of the other thousands of niches, we are getting success reports on a weekly basis saying their rankings haven't been hurt one bit by the latest Google changes. A lot of them even say their rankings have improved!

Due to the huge number of sites available in SEnuke X, our customers are immune from any Google slaps. Those in trouble are the ones who rely on one type of link to boost their sites, or post junk content on their site.

Why more wait?


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