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Now we can use idea gprs fast plan for free

Posted by sooraj chandran on Monday, 4 July 2011

Now we can use idea gprs fast plan for free. Truely idea offer unlimited fast gprs (EDGE) for 35 rs/day.
We hacked this plan for to use it free.and that worked successfully in KERALA.but now we facing a major problem in it is that,we can use it only at evening 3.30pm to the next days 6.00am.and must have two idea sim for regular usage. if you have only one sim ,then you can use it alternating days.This is the main disadvantages of this trick.
First of all, activate idea 35 rs/day plan by sending a message “GPR 35″ to 458. (note: must send only at the time before 1.00 pm).then your gprs activated before 5 or 6 pm in same day.then u can use unlimited gprs in both mobile and pc. Then send a message “GPR DCT” to 458 (Note: send only when the time between after midnight 12 and before 2am.) Then your gprs will be deactivated before 6am.We can browse and download in that time interval .in that day we cannot again activate the only activate gprs again in nex day. (NOT THAT THE TIME SHEDULE FOR ACTIVATION AND DEACTIVATION IS VERY IMPORTANT). if we have 2 idea sim,we can activate gprs in other sim. We can use gprs regularly by alternately changing the sim. The other important thing is,that do not activate it in public holidays.if you activate it in public holidays ,then the deactivation process takes more time and your balance may be deducted. Start and enjoy it before they block the trick.

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